Monday, 26 April 2010

to go back to the beginning

ive been ill... since january of this year i have had pneumonia, my doctors at the surgery didnt pick this up at all in all the times i kept going bk to them, finally at the end of march i was coughing up blood and a doctor finally sent me to the hospital where i stayed for 4 days on medication and a drip, turns out i had pneumonia and a blood clot in my left lung, i could have died. my mum had to travel 400 miles to come and stay to help my husband and children. as a result of the pneumonia my immune system is really low so i am picking everything up.
ashamedly i have neglected the Lord so far this year, i haven't prayed in ages and i have lost my way and i don't know how to get back to the Lord. when i joined my new church i received a pack from them and in it was a book called 'the life' a portrait of Jesus.
i have just picked up the book today and by reading it it helps me to start at the beginning, to get to know Jesus again.

so today i am going back to the beginning.