Sunday, 8 November 2009

Sunday organizing

So the washing machine is still going, i am nearly at the end of it all. i got the kids to strip their beds this morning ready to wash, the reason i made them do it was because as i had been looking through, partically at creating a home management book, one particular free download caught my eye and that was the childrens chore list. so ive decided this is what i am going to do for both my boys, so tonite i will be having a good think about what i am going to put on their list.

Yesterday and today are really all about getting organised at home, i want the house to look spick and span. my husband has been off work for holidays for 9 days and before that i had the kids off school for half term for 10 days and also in that time i bought a puppy. so i want to be all sorted by tonight ready to start tomorrow off to a fresh start, because tomorrow is going to be the first day of the rest of my life.

On reading, i realised that i am an amazing time waster in the home, i can waste hours when the kids are in school and before i know it, it's 3.15pm and the kids are finishing school. well, information is going to help me to overcome this.

I too have followed her advice and created a home management file:

so with the help of the site i have labeled my dividers as:

1.Daily Dockets

these free printables can be found courtesy of simplemom at

on here i will record the date, whats for diiner, things i have to do, very important things i have o do, and much more!


simplemom has provided free downloads, for a master weekly cleaning list. i have looked at this and tweaked it to suit me by typing out a daily cleaning checklis which contains cleaning i have to do daily, and then a weekly checklist.


in this section i am going to type out a grocery list of things i always buy, then when i run out i will then just tick the particular item and i know what to but next time.


i will include my favourite recipes in here


i am going to type out dates when bills will be coming out my bank

i am going to have a bile reading plan which i will follow everyday


this will include a list addresses and contact numbers

8.Important Dates

this will be a list of birthdays, anniversarys etc


going by the title this is obviously going to be abou me, logging my food, exercise, water intake etc

and the last section is going to focus on my puppy pippin and her training.

one last thing that caught my attenion on, was the benefits of having a morning routine, things you do to prepare yourself for the day so i am going to set one up tonite,

back to cleaning


p.s how do you organise? do you have a morning routine?

please share!