Sunday, 27 September 2009

help needed

hi all,

hope you dont think this post is weird but i am needing advice desperately.
the thing is i have a really bad phobia of spiders, the mear typing of the word is bringing a hot sweat out of me.
since i have moved into my new home, i have been seeing alot of them because this house had been empty for well over a year.
i feel like i am living in fear every single minute and it is taking over my life, i feel like i cant cope with this anymore, i am living in fear and waiting when i have to see a big massive one and i cant cope.
i dont know how to make this worrying stop and i need deliverance from i.
i feel like i has control over my life and is making me unhappy.

what can i do to stop these feelings?



Tammy said...

I also have a phobia of spiders and honestly there is nothing to do but face your fear. I can't even stand looking at pictures of them but with 5 boys I sometimes have to. I say a pray and try to trust in God not my fear. I am sorry I don't have more advice...hang in there!