Thursday, 17 September 2009

Hi and welcome to my blog. a family brought together by God.

My names Kat, and i live in the U.K. i am blessed with a wonderful husband who i have been with for 10 years, i am so grateful to have two little boys, and the reason for the name of my blog is that i believe that God brought myself and my husband together and we are a match made in heaven!

I became a Christian one week after i got married to my husband, and i have been
so blessed by the Lord. Everyday i aim to be a good Christian wife, mother and
woman. My husband is not saved, yet, but if God had not brought us together then
i believe i would not be saved today, so i truly believe that it will happen to

I originally started this blog early last year, but took a break for a good few months as i have been diagnosed by my doctor as having depression, but i have now re-vamped my blog and am going to use it more or less as my online diary to help me through the struggles.