Thursday, 17 September 2009

So whats happened lately?

Going back 3 weeks ago, my husband was in a job that he hated. Everyday he would come home stressed and unhappy and it was making things strained at home. This had been going on for a few months, so that night 3 weeks ago, i got on my knees and prayed to he Lord:

"Father please help my family, i need for my husband to change jobs, i dont know what to
Lord, only you know that, just something that is worthwhile and is right for him, please

Two days later my husband rang me:

"Babe ive seen a job advertisement in the paper and i think its the one for me, do you think i
should ring them?"


"Definetly, see what happens"

At this point i hadnt told my husband about my prayer to the Lord

30 minutes later my husband rang me back:

"Babe, ive just had a telephone interview and passed it, they want me to come in next
week for another interview"

I said a silent thank you to the Lord and waited for my husband to return

Later that night I told my husband about my prayer and told him that because i had trusted in the Lord, i believe that this is why he had the interview. i said that if he trusted in the Lord now he will get this job. you're right he said.

Two days later he went for the interview, i asked the Lord to make eveything alright, He told me to just trust Him and be patient.

At this point my husband was also praying, two days after the interview they rang him to tell him he had the job!!! and i know it was all because of the Lord, theres no denying it, I have thanked the Lord so much for this oportunity. I said to my husband, i think you need to say a thank you to a certain someone, i know he replied, and he did.

So he started his new job monday gone, and things are going so well, he is happier not stressed and things are easing up at home.

Thank you Lord



Karen said...

Rejoicing with you for answered prayer....

kat said...

thank you Karen